The key advantages are time and cost. Repairs are often completed in just a few hours and negate the need to coordinate multiple trades to rectify an issue. Choosing Surface Wizard not only provides the "Good as New" solution, it also saves time, money, waste and stress.


With the best will in the world sometimes things get damaged either in use or during installation. With our systems, many of these problems can be fixed in situ and provide a permanent, discrete and, in many cases, invisible repair.


Surface Wizard uses state of the art techniques and materials to repair practically any hard surface fixture or fitting. We can repair damage to surfaces such as worktops, doors, baths, sinks, floors, windows, masonry, granite and many more.

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Cosmetic repairs, the art of repairing and restoring virtually any hard surface, will save you money, time, inconvenience and landfill.

Surface Wizard are the experts at repairing damage to hard surfaces. Regrettably accidents happen. Items get chipped, scratched and broken. In the past damaged items were replaced at great expense and inconvenience. But no more.

Surface Wizard can repair virtually any damaged hard surface including:
kitchen worktops, baths, sinks, doors, cupboards, shower trays, tiles, window frames, masonry, flooring, granite, marble, stainless steel, toilets, radiators, concrete, stone, stairs, bidets (the list is almost endless).


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